SlackAttack-Slackline Crew was founded in Bern in 2009 and is the oldest active slackline association in Switzerland with over 60 members. 


  • The promotion of the acceptance of slacklining as an independent sport.
  • The organisation of slackline festivals.
  • To communicate the fun as well as the benefits and risks of slacklining in all its facets and variants.
  • The targeted education on the topic of gear use and maintenance, as well as on the topic of tree protection and safety.

Athletes and Artists

Athletes and artists from and around SLACKATTACK bring in new ideas and projects; plan exciting shows and workshops.



The athletes always dream of fascinating projects in the mountains



The artists mix slacklines with all sorts of fascinating things from the circus world



These experiences and the collected knowledge are passed on in our workshops


The Backbone of SLACKATTACK


Marc Thompson

President and communicator. Self-employed translator, slackline instructor at the university sport complex and English teacher for gymnasium.


Eva Ammann

Member administration. Otherwise she studies medicine in a rather relaxed way and immerses herself in the world of movement in Bern.


Urs Marti

Vice President. Coordinates gear purchases and orders. Keeps up a good mood and is always open to new ideas.


Benj Herren

Key part of the Bern City Slack organisational team. Unisport slackline instructor and self-employed mover.

Michelle Egger

Social Media. Studies international relations, is active and loves to be outdoors in nature. Needs to be moving.

Carlos Sampaio

Treasurer. Looks after the finances when he is not playing sports, programming or just enjoying life.

Simon Hiller

Digital. Works as a software architect and enjoys the beautiful elements of moving to the fullest.


Pascal Jetzer

Material & builds. Our metal worker, who keeps the storage managers on their toes with his contraptions.