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Free membership for refugees. Simply send an email after registering and join for free.

WhatsApp & Telegram – Bern & Thun

Always be up to date where a slackline is being set up near you, make use of some free time and drop by!

Slackline sessions in and around Bern and Thun are usually spontaneous. You too can become active in the community, inform like-minded people about your slackline plans and be surprised!

Fill out the form, we'll add you to the WhatsApp or Telegram group  and you can post where you go to set up a slackline. You will receive about three messages per week

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Advantages for members

  • Indoor slacklining in the “Heustock” in Riedbach and in the Altenberg Sports Hall (autumn to spring), 20.30-22.00. Just show up
  • Invitation to our crew outing and other events
  • Borrow gear and receive advice on all different kind of problems
  • 50% discount on SLACKATTACK shirts for members
  • Gear discounts with several slackline gear manufacturers

If you want to actively make use of our offer and/or support us you can become a member of SLACKATTACK THUN or BERN for 30.- per year.

Where to slackline?

Spots in Bern


Our favourite spots on slackmap

Winter and Rain

From autumn to spring there are indoor activities in the Heustock (Hayloft) and in a gym (October – April). More information on Facebook or in our chats.

For Students

The SlackAttack instructors are at the University of Bern several times a week – except June-September

Spots in Thun

In the City

Our favourite spots on slackmap


On the Rabenfluh, just a stone's throw away from Thun, we have established three highlines. Join our WhatsApp group for Thun above and stay in the loop.

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